Fire Field – Game Features

To the point:

As already mentioned Firefield is my first game, a tower Defense based on the WWI battles.

One thing I hate are games that promises what they cant deliver.. so I will always try to keep real.

The game will feature the most advance AI ever seem that eventually should take control of all world military. 

All standard features of a tower defense game with little nonsense:

Construction and position of:

  • trench
  • Bunkers
  • Machine Gun nests
  • Soldiers
  • Field Artillery


  • You will of course be able to upgrade your troops as you collect credits.

This, is in fact a struggle for me. how do you gain credits? Enemies killed ? this just do not make sence.

a more realistic approach would be a political capital that allow you to receive further reinforcements and better equipment. I will discuss this in another post.

And a almost unique feature! (note the Almost)

You will be able to control at all times a field artillery gun mounted on  a train. this will allow you to quickly travel horizontally in the battlefield giving a hand to where your defenses are not strong enough.

Your canon will be fully upgradable as you go.

Historical details:

As much as possible I will try to keep the game close to reality.

  • real gun names and design
  • real battle names and configurations
  • History of the battles and details on the reality of thrench warfare
  • historical pictures

Please, have in mind I am no artist and have no budget to hire one yet (kickstarter? partners?), what I do have ais a great friend that is helping me with some of the graphics and animations (thanks Portella!)






Fire Field – My first game

Yup, this is the name of my first game.

Fire Field! Mainly because is a field with a lot of firegun on it.. no serious.. I was going with the MeatGrinder that is a much more accurate name for what it was to be on the Battlefield on the ww1 but at the end I just decided for something simpler.

Now before we talk to the game let me try to explain why did I choose this genre and theme.

for the Genre – I was in fact looking to make a simple game to learn more on how to use the Unity engine and not surprisingly there is WAY more tutorials and people talking about shooting games then about strategy or simulation games,therefore I was just looking for something pleasant with enough content to get me started in this world.

In regard to the theme. I just finished the serie from the amazing Dan Carlin – Blueprint for Armageddon (If you are a history fan do yourself a favor and just check this now!)   so the theme was already in my head, plus due to the nature of the combat it was just the perfect type of real scenario for a tower defense game .

The WW1 was in fact a tower defense scenario. 

just stop and think about. The WW1 was almost entirely a tower defense game. (really no offenses here, my respect for all fallen soldiers is truly high) where the defenses from the super structures create by both sides had to endure wave after wave of attacks.

A few screenshots will come soon.



UI – resizing difficulties

Loving Unity! Hatting UI!!

It is probably just me, but resizing the unity UI to different screen sizes seems to be really complicated.

AI resizing issue:

Bellow the first Screenshots on my trial game :) I will explain more later.


What I was hopping to achieve is that after resize the screen I would keep the same percentage of the screen covered with my AI. but this is not what happens in fact it get all stretch out.



I already tried several combinations of Anchor positions and nothing… I am sure I will have my Ahaa moment soon.


EDIT: My Ahaa moment have come… in fact the anchor were all set wrong.  I still have the impression that I will need more time to figure out how to correctly place this anchors but for now they are working




And this is how it starts, we hope it will never ends :)

AHH great my first post!It took me a while.

My name is Raphael and I am on most of my time a International sales executive in Germany.

In fact I am not German, I am originally from Brazil and living in Germany for 6 years (and loving this country!)

Why to make a game?

Well why not?!… In fact I can think in a million “better” things to do with my time such as:

  • ­ Learning new tools for my profession
  • ­ Learn to speak another language#
  • ­ Improve the existing languages (German is wayyy harder than I tough)
  • ­ Use the free time with my family.

And many more. But while they are all valid this were not what I want to do! I want to create games, in fact more than one! And the reasons was simple, I wanted to create that I could see something I made myself! You see, in my profession in sales I create deals and contracts and all kinds of intangible things (at least I try to )  and while I love all that I will never be able to look at my project 5 years from now and admire the nice work that was done in sales once one deal is done the next is the one to think about it.

Plus, I love games, and off course as almost all other gamers I do think I have the next great idea (ahamm, of course).

Just to make clear, this is in no way for me a new profession is more like a REALLY serious hobby that I hope I will sink at least 20hrs per week if not more, but I do have a great job and I do need to travela round the world so there will be no daily or week updates.

But let’s comeback 8 months ago and see what was my position when I started this idea.

I had:

  • ­ No knowledge on programming (really next to 0)
  • ­ No knowledge on the gaming market
  • ­ No idea on where to start

So I did what any half decent Sales guy would do when facing problem about a possible new product! I analyzed the market, competitors and sales channels.

No my idea was not to look for what make money but instead learning from the success and failures of other.

Great tools for this were:

  • ­ Steam spy – help to find what people really liked (Where do they put their money!)
  • ­ Rock­Paper Shotgun – Love them!! And the comments are as good as the posts
  • ­ Metacritic – Did anyone achieve more than expected?
  • ­ Steam – off course
  • ­ Banished – great source of inspiration from his blog! But nothing to do with my case.. the guy was a pro from the start

What this told me was that there were a huge amount of people in similar position as mine but that normally they do not do very well… In fact most of the people with no real programming knowledge seem to have the tendency to go for mega projects that they will most certainly never  achieve!

Therefore I said bye bye to my idea of a Interplanetary God game with 3d graphics and soundtrack by Hanz Zimmer.. and said hello to my Pong Adventure game!!

Yup, I downgrade my dreams, for a while, made them more achievable.

So what about that Pong Game?

So once I decide to use Unity 5, (great tool, a million thanks to an amazing community and well presented tutorials), I gather all tutoriais and realized that making the pong game following the videos was not hard, it was actually too easy!! So decided to add some spice.

I immediately start playing in improving the AI and changing the size of the field to a much larger one.

I them realized.. I had no idea what I was doing. Following the tutorials is all coll and you get after sometime what they are doing but the fact that I had no knowledge on programming made that I could bever understand why did they need to create a class, in fact I was highly confuse if a class was not another name for a script (!!).

So I just stop for a while with Unity and went to learn C# for 3 months and forgot all about games. I dedicated this 3 months in different websites.

  • ­ Safary (great books there)
  • ­
  • ­ And the micrsoft page

What really bother me in most tutoriais is that people think you are not smart enough and have the tendency to jump many steps. During a presentation you will hear a lot “ and now I do this magic with is too complicated to teach you know but you will get it later” and this only made me more confuse! I had magic and not having control!!

Like the constructor! What a horrible thing.. specially later with unity! I see people telling me to never use constructor in Unity, while other point that It should be done.

Well, I still have doubts in relation to the constructor.. but, I managed to pass this point and now I can consider myself a mega super beginner C# programmer. Uhhray to me!!